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Alan Silva, Noah Rosen : O.I.L. (Orchestrated Improvised Lives) (Improvising ib21, 2013) Celebrating Alan Silva at 75, Improvising Beings Records in collaboration with z'Avantgarde Concerts is thrilled to announce the release of O.I.L.

The acronym for Orchestrated Improvised Lives, O.I.L. is the new, electrifying recording featuring Alan Silva on his orchestral synthesizer and Noah Rosen on piano.

Alan Silva's musical life is a document of some of the most powerful music made over the last 50 years. From Cecil Taylor to Andrew Hill to Albert Ayler, Sun Ra and Bill Dixon, Alan has always been found alongside just about every historically important musician in American modern music.

With his own Celestrial Communication Orchestra, he managed to assemble and unite many of the leading figures in today's music. Anthony Braxton, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Michel Portal, Roy Campbell Jr., Marshall Allen, William Parker, Steve Swell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Kidd Jordan, Bobby Few, Karen Borca, Wilber Morris. All and others have been part of the astonishingly beautiful object known as the Celestrial Communication Orchestra.

There's the scholarship as well. As founder of the Paris cultural center IACP, his pedagogy has touched the likes of Bernard Vitet, Itaru Oki, Serge Adam, François Cotinaud and Denis Colin, to name just a few.

Alan Silva will celebrate his 75th anniversary in 2014 and as a pioneer of the American Avant-Garde and one of the founding members of the ’60s free-jazz movement, Improvising Being Records and z'Avantgarde Concerts are working towards producing a lot of good stuff for this event.

We believe that such lives demand an attention beyond the simple respect that is his due.

And the first of these events is the release of O.I.L. 50 minutes of iridescent, live music recorded between 2011 & 2012, where Alan turns to the synthesizer in order to capture the massed power and timbral depth of a large ensemble.

Noah Rosen describes it as improvised music in an orchestral environment. He says that, "the emotions that O.I.L. looks for in music live in as many ways as there are occasions to act with sound".

Noah Rosen is a Brooklyn, NY native and a long-time resident of Paris. He has studied with Andrew Hill and Bill Dixon and here's what they say about his music.

- Andrew Hill said that, "Listening to Noah's music is to become overwhelmed by his piano artistry and imagination".

- The Penguin Guide to Jazz says, "Rosen's playing is steady and methodical, yet fearsomely powerful".

- Philippe Elhem of Crescendo Magazine wrote, "This pianist is a revelation, a magnificently articulate piano. The formidable technical skill of Rosen enables the former student of Bill Dixon, and Andrew Hill to attain the complete freedom denied to all but a few musicians, even the most famous".

- Writing for Cadence Jazz, Jason Bivins says, "As a piano voice, Rosen is very idiosyncratic in the way he combines styles: there’s a bluesy, almost Tatum-like flourish to the way he attacks the keys, combined with a Bley-like sense of space, and, inevitably, a Cecilesque predilection for the outside. This pianist displays fabulous independent motion with the left and right. With his left he’s stirring the pot down deep in a sort of Cecil meets Tristano way, while his right spins out testimonials worthy of Abdullah Ibrahim. Man, Where’d this guy come from"?


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o.i.l. (orchestrated improvised lives)

Reference ib21 - June 2013


noah rosen (piano), alan silva (orchestral synthesizer)

Recorded November 11, 2011 and April 27, 2012 at Z'Avant-Garde, Paris.

Titles: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions - Flèche Dans Le Jardin - Two Buck Chuck.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael W. Huon - Produced by Noah Rosen and Julien Palomo.

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Europe: 11€ + shipping (4,3€)
Japan: JPY 2250, shipping included
Rest of the world: $18, shipping included

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Noah Rosen, Alan Silva: "O.I.L. (Orchestrated Improvised Lives)" (Improvising Beings, ib21)